Safeguarding confidential company data from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks can happen at any time and in any place, with the ability to affect nearly every public, private, and nonprofit entity globally. The damage from these attacks can be felt long after a breach has occurred and take many different forms, including the loss of confidential customer and employee information, disclosure of critical intellectual property, harm to a company’s reputation, and costs related to regulatory or legal actions.

The attorneys of the Cybersecurity Group at Burns White have a deep understanding of the many security risks that cyber threats can present to a company’s information systems and beyond. We represent businesses in a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, and retail, to help them prevent attacks, defend individual and class action legal claims, obtain proper insurance for cybersecurity-related risks and losses, and comply with agency regulations.

We leverage the resources, skills, and experience of members from related practice groups in the firm to best assist clients with security protection needs specific to their industry. Our attorneys also have a particular emphasis on risks related to breaches of medical and financial records, as well as an intimate knowledge of both federal and state data protection and privacy laws.

Our Cybersecurity team’s understanding of the current common law, statutory and regulatory theories of liability allows us to evaluate and advise on the best available insurance policies and coverage, including first- and third-party coverages, for cybersecurity-related risks and liabilities. The team also evaluates cyber-insurance coverage within existing and potential third-party indemnity agreements — to address adequate protection, use of additional insured clauses, and related items. In addition, we conduct assessments of internal company policies and create preventive plans of action for directors, officers, and related stakeholders, particularly for issues involving potential breaches of fiduciary duty.

Whether it’s the development of preventive plans of action or representation in a legal claim, you can trust our experience to help develop and implement strategies to mitigate your legal and financial exposure.

For more information about our firm’s Cybersecurity practice, please contact:

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