• Represented a commercial landowner in a matter involving the investigation, remediation and potential Superfund litigation regarding the release of hazardous substances from a former petroleum refinery into the upper Allegheny River. This included negotiating access agreements, formulating an appropriate remediation plan, obtaining appropriate state releases of liability for that plan, and litigating a lost property value claim on behalf of the owner.
  • Successfully obtained defense verdicts on behalf of a major railroad client in multiple cases involving alleged solvent-induced brain damage where plaintiffs claimed multi-million dollar damages associated with lifetime exposure to paints and various degreasing agents.
  • Successfully defended various design firms in matters alleging failure of capping and containment systems to properly impound waste.
  • Successfully defended real estate professionals in litigations against claims for failure to disclose existence of potentially toxic mold to property purchaser.
  • Represented a national solid waste disposal company in a 10-day proceeding before the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board defending claims filed by multiple property owners concerning allegations of nuisance, noise and potential contamination associated with client’s operations.
  • Successfully litigated a dispute between major solid waste disposal companies over contractual allotments of space to landfill waste at various commercial facilities.
  • Assisted with the prosecution of state and federal Superfund claims against former property owners at a non-listed state site as a method of cost recovery on behalf of the primarily responsible remediating party.
  • Represented a commercial banking entity in a matter involving the cleanup of property contaminated by the bankrupt entity, including monitoring consultants during the investigation and cleanup phases, and negotiating the appropriate release of liability for property resale.
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