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Preserving and protecting due process and constitutional rights

Accusation, investigation, indictment—terrifying words for anyone in the unfortunate position of alleged unlawful conduct.

Police, judges, attorneys and potential jurors are moving fast. The field is crowded, and navigating the right path is tricky.

Early representation is critical in avoiding prosecution and in minimizing potential damage to either individual or corporate reputation. Some government investigations start out as seemingly simple audits or requests for records, but quickly escalate into full-fledged criminal prosecutions. A conviction could not only lead to a criminal record, possible jail sentence, and/or hefty fines, but also to a loss of income. That’s why early intervention by attorneys with experience in representing clients in regulatory inquiries is often the difference between being charged criminally or not.

We can help. The Government Investigations and Criminal Defense Practice Group at Burns White helps insure that a defendant’s rights are protected, and that the rules of criminal procedure are observed with all constitutional protections in place.

Our Government Investigations and Criminal Defense Practice attorneys are seasoned criminal defense practitioners who, collectively, have successfully handled countless cases. Skilled at navigating the court systems, our team anticipates and addresses any legal issues that might arise, working to resolve matters discreetly, expeditiously and economically.

No matter the accusation, defendants in our justice system are afforded undeniable rights.

Burns White is there for you to protect those liberties.

For more information about our firm’s Government Investigations and Criminal Defense services, contact:

David B. White

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