Collaboration and Mediation

Collaboration and Mediation

Negotiating the legalities involved in divorce, custody, and/or support does not have to be contentious. Often, out-of-court proceedings, like collaborative settlements and mediation, result in positive outcomes that benefit the entire family.

What is Collaborative Settlement?

The collaborative process is a way to settle your divorce, child custody, support or other legal matter outside of court. The process itself is a family-centered and customized process, which means that the settlement discussions specifically focus on what is most important for the family. The collaborative team consists of each party and his/her attorney, as well as other professionals as needed. The collaborative team works to respectfully and efficiently develop solutions to address each family’s unique needs.

What is Mediation?

The mediation process involves a neutral mediator, who assists the parties in reaching a resolution of their divorce, child custody, support or other legal matters outside of court. The mediator is impartial and therefore does not represent either party; however, the parties may bring their respective attorneys to the mediation sessions or attend the sessions without attorneys. The goal is to create a mutually acceptable settlement of the parties’ family matter to avoid the cost and apprehension of going to court.