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The energy industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, including oil and gas exploration and production companies, renewable energy companies, electric utilities, and energy trading companies, and is vital to the global economy, as it provides the energy needed to power homes, businesses, and transportation.

The energy industry is subject to a variety of federal, state, and local environmental regulations, including regulations related to air and water quality, waste disposal, and greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition, the industry involves hazardous materials and processes, which can lead to health and safety issues for workers and communities. Companies in the industry can face legal consequences related to workplace safety, exposure to toxins, and accidents.

Companies in the energy industry may encounter contractual disputes related to oil and gas leases, power purchase agreements, and other agreements related to the production and distribution of energy. 

At Burns White, our attorneys assist the energy industry navigate the complex legal challenges that require careful management and mitigation to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, protect the environment, and manage legal risks.