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For more information about our Women’s Initiative, please contact:

Mary-Jo Rebelo
Mary-Jo Rebelo, Esquire
Western Region
Jessica Gangjee
Samantha Conway, Esquire
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Jessica Gangjee

Taking the initiative to create a better workplace

Our Women’s Initiative is a key part of our commitment to provide a challenging, rewarding and diverse environment for all employees.

Burns White is committed to the overall well-being of our employees, and our Women’s Initiative helps create this culture by emphasizing professional development, individualism, and open communication for women in our workforce.

The goals of the Women’s Initiative are to:

  • Promote the retention of female attorneys
  • Foster a positive work-life balance
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas
  • Address the personal and professional challenges women face in the legal profession

To encourage the retention of female attorneys, the members of the Women’s Initiative meet regularly to discuss our progress towards these goals, exchange new ideas and address challenges that arise.

Flexible scheduling

To foster a positive work-life balance, the firm promotes the ability to create a flex/part-time work schedule that enables attorneys to balance personal commitments with their dedication to serving our clients.

To address personal and professional challenges for women, the firm provides new female attorneys with mentors that assist them in their professional development so they can serve clients more effectively and deal effectively with issues they may face.

Community leadership

The Women’s Initiative supports female attorneys in developing and promoting their practices by joining and taking leadership positions in professional associations, as well as speaking at seminars and conferences. The firm also provides opportunities for attorneys to participate in professional and social networking events to help raise the profile of the attorneys and the firm. Members of the Women’s Initiative believe it is important to be involved in the communities in which we practice, and support female-owned or female-based charities, both financially and with volunteer hours.