Products Liability

Protecting the interests of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors

We have significant experience across multi-state jurisdictions, and are national coordinating counsel for Products Liability matters for many of our clients.

In an era of unparalleled global market expansion, businesses can’t afford to have their output adversely influenced by potentially damaging lawsuits. With thousands of new products being introduced into the market each year, companies may find themselves at risk of litigation by consumers claiming injury or damage to property as a result of an alleged product defect. Similarly, emerging technologies, like autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics, are new product areas that can result in accidents that require legal representation.

Broad, multi-state experience

Attorneys in the Burns White Products Liability Practice Group possess significant experience across multi-state jurisdictions, leading a number of clients to name us as their national coordinating counsel for products liability matters. Our team is skilled in explaining complex scientific and technical information in common-sense terms that are understandable to both judges and juries.

The Products Liability team represents various construction equipment and machinery manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers in a broad range of product lines on a national basis, including:

  • Automotive parts
  • Building materials and HVAC systems
  • Construction, platform, and scaffolding equipment
  • Electrical equipment and appliances
  • Food and beverages
  • Heavy equipment
  • Lawn and garden equipment and tools
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Recreation and amusement equipment
  • Security systems