Client Service

The Firm

“Our clients’ interests and imagination truly inspire a sense of teamwork that is both motivating and highly successful in solving problems.”

— David B. White, Esquire, Founding Member

At Burns White, not only do we listen well. We hear you.

Burns White was founded by five lawyers who had a vision for a new type of firm—one driven by innovation and creativity, and built on strong, personal relationships with clients. This new firm was more than a business. It was a commitment to change the way law was practiced, making it more of a partnership, more…personal.

More than 30 years later, the relationships we have with our clients are the key to our success. We listen carefully. We anticipate potential matters. We align legal solutions with business outcomes.

We are your partner, and we are committed to addressing your needs efficiently, effectively, and honestly.

“We wanted to be a firm that represented clients with dignity, and got to know them on a personal basis. We still do this more than 30 years later.”
– Mike Burns, Founding Member

Your Client Service Team

On any given matter, we hand-select a service team of experienced attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries. The team is led by a senior attorney who oversees the overall work, the legal strategy, progress on timelines, case progress reports, and hours logged. Our staffing is dependent on the complexity of the matter, and the resources we use are modified depending on the scope of the project.

Opinions matter. Your opinion matters most.

We believe that open communication and frequent status updates are critical to ensuring successful outcomes. The feedback we receive from our clients about the services we provide is the key to developing a true partnership between our clients and our team. When you become a client of the firm, your feedback guides us to better understand your needs and maximize the value we provide to better serve you in the future.