Professional Liability

When your reputation is on the line

You have worked hard to create a name for yourself in the community, built a solid client base, and established yourself as an expert in your field. A negligence suit could threaten everything.

We protect your interests from the start

At Burns White, professional liability is not simply about winning or losing — it is about protecting your interests from the start. We take a proactive approach to serve our clients and provide ongoing training and counseling on risk avoidance and risk management techniques to minimize any future risk. Our team of skilled attorneys can provide front-line Rapid Response defense when an emergency arises, defusing potentially volatile legal situations.

Allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse are unsettling and can have an effect on any institution or business. Our attorneys serve as defense and support in protecting your organization, facility, or business when allegations of sexual misconduct and physical or mental abuse arise.

When litigation is necessary, we assign a team of attorneys with proven trial experience and industry knowledge to represent our clients zealously, while remaining conscious of the bottom-line and sensitive nature of these cases.


When your reputation is at stake, the attorneys at Burns White will work tirelessly to protect what you have achieved.