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A work environment that puts people first

A culture founded on partnership and mutual success infuses our work environment as well as our client relationships. It’s visible as a real commitment to work/life balance. In the workplace, we provide our employees with the tools they need to be as productive and efficient as possible, as well as the latitude they need to live fulfilling lives at home with their families.

This is a team. Here, everyone is important and everyone contributes to the firm’s success. We look for ways to make our employees as productive and efficient as possible, because we know that when we care about our employees, they take even greater pride in their work.

Our people are professionals — they are treated as such and are given the latitude to conduct themselves accordingly. Whether it is a dance recital, football game or parent-teacher conference, we understand that there are moments in life that you can’t get back. And we encourage everyone here to enjoy them. In return, we trust our employees to make the necessary adjustments to their schedules to get their jobs done.

Burns White doesn’t just invest in its clients; it also invests in its people. After all, our people are our best assets. They are the ones who make working here rewarding. They are the ones who make us successful and differentiate us from other law firms.