Medicare Compliance

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For more information about our firm’s Medicare Compliance practice, please contact:

Tony Comas, Chair of the Medical Compliance Group

Think of us as your Medicare liaison

In today’s Medicare environment, the directive is clear and the dangers of non-compliance are real.

It is essential to have legal counsel that understands the complexities of handling Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs), as well as experience dealing with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractors (MSPRC).

The Burns White Medicare Compliance Group has been preparing MSAs for more than a decade. We combine legal knowledge with the expertise of medical professionals in preparing the lowest defensible Medicare Set-Aside Allocations. In addition to MSAs, we provide Medicare submissions, Medicare conditional lien investigations and negotiations, as well as Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting.

Expedited MSA preparation

Our clients include insurance companies, self-insured corporations, third-party administrators (TPAs), attorneys, structured settlement brokers, professional administrators, and risk managers. We offer clients 24-hour or less expedited services on MSA preparation.

The value we bring to our customer base also extends to an extensive amount of experience conducting both educational seminars and ongoing compliance training sessions for our clients and their professional staff members.

When you refer a file to us, we become your “Medicare liaison,” and we’ll assist you from the moment you think that Medicare might be an issue, throughout the settlement, to final approval.

Medicare Compliance services

  • Accurate Medicare Set-Aside allocations
  • Legal advice to ensure Medicare issues are properly addressed
  • Medicare legal reviews and medical cost projections
  • Advice on set-aside funding and annuities
  • Social Security verifications
  • Medical approval of MSAs
  • Medicare Lien verification
  • Facilitating the settlement process and developing settlement language
  • Life care planning
  • Workers’ compensation legal services
  • National copy and overnight service
  • Liability claim analysis and allocation preparation

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