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Our Clients
  • Individuals
  • National and multi-national corporations and organizations
  • Professionals
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Government and nonprofit organizations
  • Railroads and other entities in the transportation industry
  • Small and large business owners

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Mary-Jo Rebelo

Aggressive, efficient solutions backed by experience

Backed by extensive experience conducting broad-based litigation in both state and federal courts, we resolve disputes before tribunals, arbitration panels and administrative agencies throughout the United States.

Our experienced litigators serve clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, emerging businesses and their officers and directors.

Managing the impact of litigation

Our attorneys understand the impact that major litigation, regardless of its outcome, can have on a company, and we work closely with clients to avoid litigation whenever possible. However, when it’s unavoidable, we move quickly and effectively, providing immediate and appropriate action to contain risk and minimize any negative impact on your business.

The right strategy and the right team to maximize your return

To manage the impact of litigation, we draw upon our substantial knowledge in a broad range of practice areas and disciplines, our experience in the traditional courtroom setting, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings when appropriate. Our Litigation Group conducts a thorough analysis of the matter, and assigns professionals whose experience is specifically tailored to deliver the best results. The depth of our litigation talent and practical experience allows us to be economical in staffing each case without sacrificing the ability to achieve the best possible outcome — for a maximum return on your investment.