Attorney Sunseri Successfully Argues Order Granting Summary Judgment For Insurance Broker Before Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals

Jun 16, 2022 | News

Attorney Anthony Sunseri recently argued an appeal taken by Plaintiff from a Federal District Court Order, granting summary judgment for a Defendant insurance broker, before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, resulting in the Fourth Circuit affirming the District Court Order. The Plaintiff, a Pennsylvania construction company, alleged that the insurance broker procured an inadequate policy that left the company vulnerable to litigation related to construction services for a natural gas power plant. The Plaintiff became involved in litigation in the State of West Virginia resulting in a $3.3 million dollar verdict being entered against the Plaintiff. Before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal, attorney Sunseri argued that the case issues, and operation of insurance coverage, involved complex matters beyond the general acumen of an average layperson and required expert testimony on the part of Plaintiff to establish Plaintiff’s asserted claims for professional negligence. The Fourth Circuit found no error in the District Court’s decision requiring the Plaintiff to provide expert testimony to prove its claim of professional negligence and affirmed the District Court’s granting of summary judgment for the Defendant, dismissing Plaintiff’s claims.