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I appreciate your kindness and understanding as well as your expertise in managing the execution of this prenuptial agreement and always knew you were focused on my best interest and well-being.

Susan K

I highly recommend Rachael Bowe for your divorce. She is very professional, ethical and hardworking. She responds quickly and I felt comfortable talking with her. She is very clear and thorough with her advice and respectful of my decisions. She handled herself very professionally against opposing counsel and I knew she would advocate for me. I am so thankful to have her throughout this process.

– Nicole

My experience with Attorney Aleksandra Kocelko was remarkable. She is incredibly knowledgeable and kind, she put my daughter at ease throughout our proceedings and earned her trust, as well as my own. She was always on time and well prepared, keeping me updated with timely responses. I will always be grateful for her compassion and dedication.

– Tawnia C.

Organized and informed counsel that always had my best interests in mind

“I was referred to Burns White LLC from a friend who had his divorce with this firm and spoke highly. Mind you, this was after I had spent two weeks begging a lawyer I had worked with before to take my case. Thank goodness, he was too busy.

My law partner was Dorothy O’ Neil. The firm is one of the few places in Pittsburgh that has a professional in Collaborative Divorce proceedings. I was not in a great mood and Dorothy, somehow, calmed me and made me feel as though I was going to have an advocate after explaining the Collaborative Divorce – No Court Appearance – process. The Collaborative Divorce process saved my business, my home, the retirement/assets and minimized my alimony and lump sum payout to where I have been able to continue my life as normal as possible minus one person.

Dorothy guided me with wisdom and common sense. And most importantly set up the last face-to-face in the final meeting which allowed both parties to come to an agreement.

I would recommend this process for anyone looking for a quick, semi-painless, court-avoiding divorce.”


“I recently hired Burns White because a friend works there and always talked about the divorce process at networking events. I never once thought I would use her services but things happen in life where you find yourself needing someone you can trust. The first meeting is nice to describe your situation and get a game plan together. Every step of the way, they communicate effectively and respond in a timely manner. You quickly find out how amazing this firm is when dealing with opposing counsel and they don’t do their job. It makes you appreciate how easy this process can be when you hire effective counsel. I can’t thank Dorothy and Aleksandra enough for assisting as quickly as possible.”

–Michael A.

“Dorothy Wolbert was the attorney who worked on my divorce proceedings. Without question, she was always organized and prepared to present my position and she always had my best interests in mind when she counseled me regarding the different paths the process could and would take. Although final resolution of my case took just a couple of months shy of three years, Ms. Wolbert kept me informed throughout the entire case. She made certain to contact me any time there were any developments in the proceeding. Ms. Wolbert also made certain to inform me of all of my options to move forward. No matter what the situation, the choice was always left to me.

Divorce is never an easy or inexpensive process. Ms. Wolbert did a fantastic job at protecting my interests and counseling me throughout my case. Ms. Wolbert and Burns White have exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them without hesitation.”


5-star support for children and families

“Dorothy Wolbert’s motto is, ‘Law was created to help people.’  When you meet her, you will immediately see that she is the personification of her motto.  While my experience with Dorothy involved the collaborative law process, she was nominated Top Overall Attorney for Litigation, and her dedication to supporting children and families is unmatched.  If you are searching for a lawyer who is highly intelligent, genuinely caring, and will make supporting your children her first priority, look no further!  I give Dorothy a ‘5 Star’ recommendation!”  –Lauralee

Incredibly valuable prenuptial counsel protecting both our individual and married interests

“My husband and I approached Burns White in early 2015, seeking a prenuptial agreement in advance of our wedding. We were fortunate to work with Dorothy Wolbert, Esq., who was very professional and gave us incredibly valuable guidance. Not only did she take the time to walk us through the entire prenuptial process, but she asked my husband and me questions about our individual and collective financial situations, our current and potential financial challenges and our goals for the future. In addition to providing legal counsel, she (perhaps unknowingly) challenged us to more closely assess our values and priorities and to talk about how we view money. Fortunately, a process that could have been awkward and even emotionally challenging actually brought us closer. I credit much of this to Dorothy, who made us feel comfortable and informed and who demonstrated a genuine interest in helping us protect ourselves individually and as a married couple. Thanks to Dorothy’s professionalism, knowledge and guidance, my husband and I have a prenuptial agreement that truly reflects our priorities and needs and that we believe will help us keep our relationship strong.”

– Emily and Dave

Knowledgeable, caring attorney providing personal attention

“Looking for a divorce lawyer was the last thing I thought I would be doing this past October. A friend suggested the Burns White law firm, and Dorothy Wolbert was assigned to my case. I expected to have a lawyer that was knowledgeable about family law who could guide me through this traumatic process. What I did not anticipate was the caring, personal attention I received. Any time I walked into the Burns White offices, I could feel the tension leaving my body. I knew that not only would Dorothy have the answers to my multitude of questions, but that she cared about me and my family and the emotional upheaval we were going through. She not only navigated me through the divorce process, but provided referrals for financial advice, mortgage refinancing and mental health professionals. Do I recommend divorce? No, but if that’s your last option, you need to consider Burns White.”


Excellent and reliable divorce attorney

“I want to thank you for the great job in representing me throughout the divorce process. Your professionalism and caring throughout the case was comforting! I will not hesitate to refer anyone needing a divorce attorney to you…”


Excellent. I highly recommend.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dorothy. She helped me through a very tough divorce which could have been very devastating to me and my children if it wasn’t for her outstanding competence and legal savvy. Dorothy was very well prepared and always there to promptly answer any questions or concerns I had. Her commitment to my case was exemplary and I could not ask for a more knowledgeable and persistent attorney. I would highly recommend her without hesitation.”


Excellent lawyer. Highly recommended. Please see below the letter that I sent following our case. It is from the heart.


I wanted to take a moment to convey the absolute appreciation that I felt following the conclusion of the trial negations last week and conclusion of our case. Although following the events we were all overwhelmed with emotion, I felt it necessary to fully express our gratitude, albeit a few days later.

During this very exhausting and emotionally consuming period for me and my family, your knowledge, professionalism and dedication to our case truly maintained our faith and guided us to the light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the duration of our case, I felt as though we always continued on a positive path toward our initially discussed goals which I directly contribute to your efforts. Through every up, through every down and every step of that way, your research and efforts continued to set favorable conditions for the most positive outcome possible. In the words of my superior, you were beyond doubt, our “pro from Dover”.

Coming from a business in which I change the lives of young Americans everyday, I understand that my case and its outcome, while life changing for us, is the exact thing which you accomplish on a daily basis. My story, my situation, is no better, no worse, no more or less tragic than the numerous you have or will deal with in your successful career. It is, however, mine. And because of that I can, without a doubt, say that you have closed a chapter of my life that is now behind us and allowed us to begin writing the next. You have changed our lives and most importantly the life of my son, who will look back one day and be grateful for the opportunities that your work and efforts afforded him.

We are humbled and grateful.


Beyond my expectations…

“Dorothy did an excellent job helping me in my divorce. She advised me of PA laws for processing a divorce and of my rights as a father. She was available by phone and through email beyond my expectations. Her knowledge and ability to lookout for my wellbeing as a father, allowed me to get a divorce from my ex-wife where things worked in my favor. I would recommend Dorothy to any family or friend going through a divorce. Thank you, Dorothy, for your service and know that people like you make it easier to put my life on the line as I continue to serve this great country of ours.”


Helpful and responsive

“Dorothy is always on top of everything and explains things well to me. I told her about my work schedule and she would always call me to accommodate that. This experience has been like going through something with a best friend.”


Best family law lawyer in the Pittsburgh area

“As someone who has never needed to consult a lawyer, I found myself overwhelmed when I needed legal expertise to guide me through my child’s custody arrangement and my divorce. I reached out to a friend in the legal field and asked if he knew who the best family law lawyer in the Pittsburgh area was. He suggested Dorothy Wolbert, with Burns White. He gave me her contact number and I reached out to her that day. Within a few hours she returned my call and met with me that same day. She was very knowledgeable about the legal issues I was facing, and she was very sympathetic and supportive to my situation. She made me feel like she understood how I was feeling and she knew exactly what needed to be done to help me move forward. Her legal guidance and support during a very difficult situation has been invaluable. I always know I’m getting the best legal advice from her. In addition, I feel that she sympathizes with my circumstances and wants to do all that she can to make things right. My friend was definitely correct; Dorothy is the best family law lawyer in the Pittsburgh area.”